Pretty Passion LLC

Revitalizing Hair Care Set


Say goodbye to dry brittle hair that won’t grow. Pretty Passion’s Revalitizing Shampoo and Conditioner are awesome together. Both products restores the hair cuticle, strengthens the hair follicle, maximizes hair growth, all while leaving your hair smooth, silky and shiny. 


💞Packed with antioxidants to prevent hair damage and toxins that result in hair loss 

💞helps reinforce the hair, adding strength to prevent breakage and hair loss. 

 Pretty Passion’s Hair Growth Pomade is wonderful for ever day usage and promotes healthy hair growth.


All products are parben free and are for hair and scalp usage only

Suitable for all hair types

Can be used on women, men, children 2+ without allergens

Prior to using any of our products a skin test is advised, apply a drop or two behind the ear or at the nape or your hairline to check for any abnormal reaction. 

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