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Pretty Passion 5x5 Lace Closure Wigs


Pretty Passion 5x5 udectable hd lace closure wigs require very little maintenance. They’re perfect for beginner wig wearers. These units can be worn glueless. Being that these wig units are constructed using Pretty Passion’s unprocessed virgin hair they can be colored and styled like its your very own.


● Super-transparent lace
● More versatility
● Glueless install
● Comfortable
● Flawless melt with scalp
● Protective style


Product Details 

Hair Material

100% human hair from one donor

Last For

one more year

Hair Color

natural black



Can Be Dyed





22.5 inches,standard medium


transparent lace

Lace Area



How long does shipping takes?

-Processing time is 3-5 days, please allow 4-7 business for you product to be shipped from the warehouse 

What are the wigs made of?

- All of Pretty Passion’s wig units are machine made with 100% unprocessed human hair, the lace is transparent 

What is the wig’s cap size, is it adjustable?

All of our wigs are 22.5 in circumference and they include adjustable straps, if you need a custom cap size email us at 

What is the density of the wigs that you offer?


Why are there some shorter pieces of hair in the lace?

-Those are called turned hairs because  all of our lace pieces are hand tied per strand 

Can the hair be colored or recolored?

-Yes, it is advised that consult with a licensed professional.

How long will my wig last?

-With proper maintenance the wig unit can last 2 or more years

Can I reuse my wig after wearing it?

Yes, all of our wigs can be reworn

If I damage the lace do I have to purchase a new wig?

No. Contact a licensed professional that specializes in lace repair or replacement

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